We were so happy to welcome Mike Conway to our clinic, even if just on a part-time basis! As you can see by his credentials, Mike is an extraordinarily experienced healthcare professional and has recently become a part-time resident of the coast with his young family and has been happy to join our team – even on his so-called vacation time! 

Mike is one of the co-owners of Back In Action Physiotherapy in Whistler and has one of the most interesting and diverse professional backgrounds.

Professional Interests 

Mike enjoys treating a varied case load of patients with musculoskeletal injuries including sports and orthopaedic conditions and has recognized specialization in the latest evidenced based practice of complex pain syndromes, lower limb and spinal/pelvic injuries, concussion and vestibular disorders and hand and upper limb injuries. Mike uses mostly hands on treatment and exercise prescription to facilitate a speedy recovery and also enjoys using these skills on the road while travelling with teams and has been fortunate to travel extensively as the lead physio for the Canadian Ski Cross team from 2010-2022 to places such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, South Korea, China, Russia, US as well as with other teams including Canada Snowboard Slopestyle, Para snowboard, Surfing, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and DH Mountain biking. 

Career Highlights include:

  • Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 (1 x Silver) – Ski Cross
  • Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018 (2 x Gold,1 x Silver) – Ski Cross
  • XGames 2020, 2012 – Snowboard Slopestyle, Ski Cross, – Multiple medals 
  • Sochi Winter Para Olympics 2014 – Canada Para Snowboard Cross
  • Surfing Australia’s Junior World team 2013 – Nicaragua (Gold Medal)
  • Whistler Winter Olympics 2010 – Poly Clinic
  • BC Under 14 Nationals 2010 – Montreal (Gold medal) 
  • 2010 Australia A’s Cricket Emerging Players tournament 2009 – Australia 
  • Australian Ultimate Mixed Frisbee World Champs 2008 – Vancouver

Personal Background

Mike Grew up in Victoria, BC, but after completing his Kinesiology degree he went off to Australia where he studied physiotherapy from 2003 to 2009 and along the way met his wife who convinced him to move to Whistler. In 2010 he started his physio practice Back In Action Sports Physiotherapy with his two partners and has lived in Whistler ever since, but recently he has begun sharing some of his time on the sunshine coast, starting recently with Coast Physiotherapy. Mike loves being active and grew up playing most sports, but took tennis and volleyball most serious, and for a time adventure racing and triathlons including ironman, successfully completing one of his many life goals of completing it in under 11 hours. Mike now mostly spends his free time biking, skating, shooting, throwing, running/hiking, swimming with his son and daughter and with any spare time he still loves to mountain bike, play tennis, run and be on the water.

Courses and Certifications:

Masters in Sports Physiotherapy (University of Queensland, Australia – 2009)

Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy (University of Queensland, Australia – 2007)

Masters in Physiotherapy Studies (University of Queensland, Australia – 2005)

BSc. Kinesiology (University of Victoria, Canada – 2003)

Certified Hand Therapist 

Gunn IMS practitioner (Medical Acupuncture) 

Certified Concussion Practitioner – (CCMI), ImPACT Trained Physiotherapist, Concussion Works Vestibular Therapist – Advanced Vestibular Course (Nicole Accera) 

Mobilisation of The Nervous System, Graded Motor Imagery 

Lyn Watson Sporting Shoulder 

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Sports First Responder/ CPR/AED Level HCP

Although Mike’s time with us is obviously limited by his Whistler commitments (and busy children!), he will be offering as much of his time as possible while he is on the coast to help our community with a range of problems including, sport injury, concussion, hand therapy, dizziness and vestibular dysfunction, and chronic pain.